Do not overdo it in bathing
After all, frequent washing even with specialized shampoos can damage the lipid layer of your pet's skin, resulting in a decrease in immunity.

Cats in general should not be washed, because they wash themselves. In the rare case when your pet is messing with something terribly unpleasant, you can use plain water without shampoo or soap. Rarely washed rabbits, rats, ferrets. But such pets like parrots love this occupation. In the cage they should put the bath. With a small amount of distilled, boiled water. Do not wash your pet under the shower, it is better to use a basin

Teeth cleaning for cats and dogs
To do this you need a special toothpaste and a small baby brush. Do not often invade the ear and clean it from sulfur. This procedure should be carried out weekly. But you need to do it very carefully. Use cotton swabs and special products purchased at the pharmacy.

Your pet, anyway, requires constant care. You should find out what products and how much it is worth feeding him. Food must be of high quality and contain natural ingredients. Especially at a young age they need the right amount of vitamins. It is also worth getting a bone for the dog, which contributes to the proper development of the teeth.

Nail clipping
It is also worth paying attention to claw clipping. Cats themselves are able to remove dead nails. But dogs need to be taught this from an early age. It is advisable to do a haircut every 14 days. You need to do this carefully, because if you hurt a dog, it will associate this process with pain and will not allow it to do this anymore.

I want to suggest that before you start a pet you should read specialized literature and read on the forums on the Internet what kind of care a particular animal requires. Whether they are a cat, a dog or a ferret, they are all entitled to proper care. Subsequently, they will give you a lot of positive emotions and fun moments.