How to care for a pet

If you have a four-legged friend, you already know. The content is responsible and difficult.
Caring for pets requires uncommon attention. We all want to have fun and enjoy communicating with our pets. However, it is not just a fluffy soft toy. Constantly.
There are simple hygienic procedures and proper nutrition. Hygiene procedures include: bathing, treatment with anti-flea drugs, cleansing of worms and ticks, haircuts and the like.

Before you have a pet
You should know how to care for him. It is necessary to take into account all the features and difficulties of its dwelling in the house. There are several rules for keeping animals. If the fish or turtles do not need to communicate, the cat or dog will require affection and attention from the owner. It must be borne in mind that the dog must be walked at least 2 times a day and if there is no one to do this, it is better to refrain from buying this animal. Although the cat does not need to be walked, she loves talking and if you leave her alone all the time, she can start to miss and do many bad things in the house, such as tearing off wallpaper or curtains.

When planting a pet in a house, it should be understood that this is the same child that everyone needs to be taught and if you show patience and understanding, then the pet will reward its owner for it. There are some simple rules for the proper maintenance of animals, everyone knows them, but if a person gets a pet for the first time, then it is better to read special literature or consult a veterinarian.

Place of keeping the animal
Your pet must be clean. After all, if from the cat litter or cage of the guinea pig will emanate a "unearthly fragrance", it will be unpleasant to others. Not to mention the fact that it can become the habitat of harmful microbes. If an animal eats from a dirty bowl or feeder, it can pick up an intestinal infection, so it must be cleaned daily.

Need to know what and how to feed the animal
It, as well as the person, should receive together with food all the proteins necessary for the body, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. If the pet has a shortage of some elements, it will feel bad, the coat may start to fall out or eyes may fester. A large number of ready-made feeds are sold in stores, you only need to choose high-quality feeds and remember: what the dog can do is not a cat, due to differences in the digestive system. Even a turtle cannot be fed with one carrot, its diet should also be different.

And of course, vaccinations
This is a very important aspect of the maintenance of the animal. After all, animals are also susceptible to various infections. It is also necessary to comb and bathe animals from time to time, brush their ears and wash their eyes.

A person should remember that his pet is completely dependent on him, he becomes a member of his family and is not negligent and neglectful of his health.